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This is SZR

A history of growth and credibility
We are a family business, 100% Brazilian, producer and exporter of animal byproducts, natural wraps and chewable products for pets.
About us

Numbers that make us proud

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serviced around the globe

Quality and Origin

Quality Control
Control starts in the origin of the raw material
Food engineers and veterinarians
Strict self-control programs
Investments in structure and technology
SZR follows the rules and procedures of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply in all its units, in addition to following the most important self-control programs required by the markets in which it operates.

What we do

SZR acquires its raw materials directly from partner slaughterhouses and directs them to its facilities to develop its products, following strict standards and processes, to provide only the best quality to our customers. 

Know our brands and main products:

SZR 3152

Beef and Pork Offal
Originating from the slaughter of cattle and pig, offal is appreciated and consumed by different cultures around the world. The 3152 brand, which bears our SIF registration number, is recognized by consumer markets as one of the best quality brands in their products.
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Pet snacks and chewables
SZR has also developed a range of natural snacks and chewables for dogs of all sizes.
Same quality as always, now also producing pet food.
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SZR Casings

Natural Casings
Maybe you don't know, but sausages of the most varied types are produced with natural casing. Duly selected at the slaughterhouses, the casings goes through a practically artisanal process of selection and preparation so that it is ready to be used in the manufacture of sausages such as pepperoni, paio, salami, mortadella and copa.
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We are immensely proud that over more than 23 years we have earned the respect and affection of our suppliers, service providers and employees. Like every company that operates in the slaughterhouse and export business, we are looking for new business partners that will add to the following areas:
Slaughterhouses and distributors: supply of raw material.
Transport services: road and sea.
General supply: parts, packaging, services.
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