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From Brazil to the world!
SZR is a global brand and an important player in the production and marketing of natural beef and pork byproducts, as well as casing and chewable products for pets. SZR has three industrial units to serve different consumer markets, and all its factories are inspected and controlled by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply. SZR has more than 40 years of experience, valuing the quality of its products, the environment and professional service to suppliers, customers and partners.

Its mission is to produce quality food and solutions for customers all over the world!

We are sustainable

Committed to the world
Thinking about the environment, we always work with a focus on producing consciously. Saving, reusing and supporting awareness actions and fighting back the devastation of the environment. And that's why all the firewood used in our boilers is proven to be purchased from suppliers that carry out reforestation.
SZR produces more with less, using less energy and less water.

Waste water from our facilities undergoes effluent treatment and is then returned to the sewer system free of impurities.
SZR recycles all plastic and cardboard from products processed in its facilities.

Sebastião Pereira (in memoriam)

Founder of SZR
“When we don't fight for our dreams, we will consequently be recruited to fight for someone else's dreams. Not stop believing in your dreams makes you stop being the supporting role of any story and become the protagonist of your own achievements.”
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SZR - Pet Food (Headquarters)
Avenida Santa Amélia, 855
CEP: 17670-000 - Quintana, SP - Brasil
SZR – Offal and Casings (Branch Office)
Via Perimetral Sul, 1100
CEP: 17670-000 Quintana, SP - Brasil
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